Be Gracious, for Grace Sake

Very recently I learned a hard lesson about grace. I wish I could say that I was the one on the giving end of this one, but truthfully, I wasn’t. And even more truthfully, it hurt my ego and knocked me off my metaphorical tush.

You’re probably thinking “what the heck is she talking about right now?”

Okay, fine, I’ll recap – The other day was a stressful one and I wasn’t in the greatest of moods as a result (shocking, right?) To complete the perfect storm, I was also flat out hangry. The combination of all these factors was dangerous and I might’ve, maybe, became very short with someone who was simply trying to ask me a question.

I wish the story stopped there, but it doesn’t.

My frustration showed and feelings got hurt that day. I was completely unware of this until a couple of days later when I was confronted about my attitude that day – and during this “confronting”, I saw a very hurt individual who was completely and totally unwilling to give me grace for having a bad day. And man, did it hurt! 

Now, I am by no means saying that I wasn’t without fault, because I should have, and could have, controlled my response and spoken more softly.  Instead, I was short-fused and reacted out of stress and frustration and it lead to me being the opposite of loving in that moment.

Grace by it’s simplest definition is the favor of God towards us.

His grace towards us is extended through the death of His Son, Jesus. By His grace we have been saved and have eternal life. By His grace, I no longer struggle with certain sinful ways like I used to and by His grace, I am allowed to approach a Holy God with the same confidence of a child running up to her own dad.

His grace is also what allows us room to make mistakes and grow from them. His Grace is His mercy towards us.

 Of course I apologized sincerely for how I acted that day – knowing that I had hurt someone else’s feelings broke my heart and is not something that I am proud of. I will certainly be more mindful of how I respond to others on days where I am not my best. However, the greater lesson is one of gratefulness. Not receiving grace, hurts. It makes you feel bad, and yucky all over and I am so incredibly thankful that I am covered by the blood of Jesus and held under God’s grace.

The reality is that we ALL have bad days. I will probably have more bad days then this one. There will also be day’s where I am the one on the receiving end of someone else’s bad day. Either way, we are called to be merciful and forgiving towards others, just as Jesus is merciful and forgiving towards us.

When we show others grace, it is an opportunity to show them Jesus.

-Brittani Haney

Father, thank You for the grace that you lavish upon each of us – That while we were still sinners, Christ died for us and took upon our sins so that we could be set free. Your grace is undeserved, and sweet to our souls. I pray that you would speak to our hearts the truth of what grace really is and what that means for each of us, as your daughters. And I ask that you would give each of us the opportunity to show grace to others and love them right where they are. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen! 

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