I’d Walk Through Hell For You: Truth For When You’re In The Struggle

Do you ever have one of those days (or seasons) where you keep getting hit with one low blow after another. Maybe the blows are trivial annoyances; like dropping your freshly made iced coffee on the concrete the moment you step outside. Or maybe they’re a full on heartbreak that leaves you completely wrecked emotionally, spiritually, and physically; like finding out the baby you had prayed for no longer has a heart beat. Whatever the case may be – I can almost guarantee that the feelings these events produce in each of us is nearly the exact same, and it flat out, sucks.

I witnessed someone I love dearly go through the process of walking through a painful, messy situation that had left her feeling angry, unsure, and deeply hurt. I went for a drive with her and as we sat in the car, she explained to me everything that had happened. I could feel her damaged, hurting heart and I could sense the hopelessness the enemy was trying to plant. I listened patiently as she cried and cussed and did everything she needed to do to get it out, and then I allowed the Holy Spirit to speak a truth to her heart that I had only recently learned myself…

God is good and He works in us through a process called sanctification. Mean, cruel, and bad things happen in this world – God did not cause them to happen, but He will use these situations, and others, for our good (Romans 8:28).

By definition, sanctification is the act or process of acquiring sanctity, of being made or becoming, holy.

But personally speaking, I like to call it the process by which I am unlearning all my bad habits. This process is at times uncomfortable and hurtful to our egos, but it is God’s will for us (1 Thessalonians 4:3). Through Jesus, we are literally being putting back together, in wholeness, for His dwelling in the Spirit (Ephesians 2:22).

Want to know the coolest part about it? Christ’s finished work on the cross not only sets us free to be holy and righteous eternally, but it also sets us up to be able to step into His fullness in the here and now. Jesus wants to take us each by the hand, and walk us through our own sanctification. He wants to teach us how to love well, work hard, hold fast, and overcome. He wants us to be like Him. He does this deeply, personally, and patiently – like any good Father does when raising up his daughters.

Sisters, I know how incredibly hard life is sometimes. It can be so cruel and unfair. It can leave a stain on our souls that seems unhealable, unhelpable, and unhopeable. But I am here to ask you the same question I asked my gal pal in the car that day…

Are you willing to walk through this little hell, in order to come out knowing God more intimately and looking more like His Son?

I believe that the difference between pointless struggle and meaningful sanctification begins when we start asking Him what He wants to do with it all. It is here in this pivot that we can either be refined and strengthen, or corrupted and weakened. 

Jesus promises us that He will be with us always. In every season, every situation, every sleepless night and hard conversation. He might not miraculously change the situation for us, but we can rest assured that He will walk us through it. He promises that any affliction, trial, or bit of suffering we face will produce in us endurance, proven character, and a hope that will not disappoint us (Romans 5: 3-5).

The day I took a little drive with my gal pal, I was able to see Truth transform her by changing the way she thought about a tough situation. Her eyes were shifted from staring at all the wrong and hurtful things that had happened, to looking for Jesus in the middle of the storm (which is exactly where peace and wisdom can be found!) She began to see things differently; the hurt and raw emotion was still very much there, but her spirit had shifted. Instead of believing it was a lost cause, she was now able to believe that God could use this situation for good!

If we are to be a tribe of women with unshakeable faith in God – then we must start believing the eternal promise’s He has made to us as His daughters.

— XO, Brittani

Father God, 

Thank you for the incredible body of women you have brought to this community. Thank you that we can share our hearts and our hurts with you, in the honest and raw way that you desire. I pray for the gals who are in the struggle, I want to lift them up to you in faith and ask that you, as their loving, gracious Dad, would speak truth to them about the situation at hand. The enemy would love to use their struggle to destroy them, but what Satan intends for evil – You will use for good. I pray that you would grow our trust in you and help us to walk out our salvation with fear and trembling. Keeping our eyes on Jesus and knowing that no matter what hurts this world may cause us, that you are a good God who has good plans for each of us. In your holy name I pray Jesus, amen!

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